Our aim is to provide all with healthy organic food, where you can consume with peace of mind! NO MSG, artificial flavoring or coloring.


Lei Cha. At Thunder Tree, we made a conscious effort to use mainly organic ingredients. Our Lei Cha soup is made from herbs, peanuts and tea leaves grinded together to create an aromatic unique taste. As for our Lei Cha rice, organic brown rice is placed in the middle, a variety of vegetables, preserved radish and peanuts are placed neatly around it..

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Delicious vegan food based on secret family recipes – comforting, nourishing and healthy too! Did a big takeaway this weekend to feed a family of four – super easy communication and pick-up at the Raffles Hospital branch. Highly recommend the organic thunder tea and all the various kolomee options. My favourite was the braised tofu – I think I could just eat this for a meal and be completely content! Excellent service too. After I brought the food home, I received another message explaining how I can store the food to keep it fresh if not consuming right away. Will definitely order again during this CB period! 

Shawne Wang
Sorry for the bad photo but this was sooo good!!! First time trying leicha with noodles instead of rice and omg I love it!! It’s so flavourful and nutritious

非常用心的一群人,为我们准备天然有机的食材 ,食物充满能量,活力四射。味道天然,让你吃到食物的原味。我非常喜欢,大赞!

Daren Ong

We loved the Lei Cha Fan and the green soup
Also fantastic customer service and child friendly with high chair and children’s plates and utensils. Highly recommended!

Hannah Kiernan

I really enjoyed the Lei Cha here!! The tea is flavorful and has depth. Not just like regular tea. The toppings are fresh and the veggies are from a local farm!! Excellent. They have a Lei cha rice or kolomee option. If you’re a noodle person like me, get the kolomee!! The noodles are delicious and chewy. This place is 100% vegan and they have a few other noodle and rice options as well! But they are most known for lei cha. The dishes are ~$6-8 each.

Really friendly service. There is seating inside. Located conveniently in Chinatown food street near Chinatown station.

If you’re looking for a lighter vegan meal with lots of nice fresh veggies (no mock meats), check out thunder tree.

Natalie K.